USSD Voting Platform

Polls & Voting System

In2Excel builds voting system which are used by clients for managing competitions, campaigns, elections and promotional events. USSD voting app are particularly useful in areas where internet access is limited. It provides a simple and accessible way for a larger population to participate. Voting becomes more convenient, genuine and affordable with the help of our fully functional USSD polls and voting system that allows voting through mobile phone. Voters can register and vote using any mobile device, It is a SAAS (software as a service) platform for managing the system efficiently.

We also implement user airtime charging or mobile money billing for considering votes on our USSD Voting system.


The Standard Voting Service on USSD includes :-

  • Registration of Voters for campaign or events.

  • Payment collection using Airtime or Mobile Money.

  • CMS to Add or Update candidate for voting

  • Multilingual system

  • USSD based support on mobile website.

Voting Process :-

  • Voters dial a specific USSD code on their mobile phones.
  • The USSD system prompts them with a menu that includes options for different candidates or parties.
  • Voters select their preferred candidate or party by entering the corresponding number.